One Caucasus 2023 Team on the Festival Stage
One Caucasus 2023 Team on the Festival Stage

Do not just celebrate 10 years of One Caucasus - co-create it! 

This is the Main Call to all talented people around the world! To activists, animators, architects, carpenters, constructors, designers, educators, film-makers, journalists, producers, researchers, visual artists, writers and interdisciplinary practitioners.  

The longest journey starts with a first step. In times of brutal wars, lack of respect for freedom, dignity and human life - we need space for hope. We invite you to start the new chapter of One Caucasus with us. 

Since 2014 One Caucasus:

  • brought together 728 musicians and 115 bands from around the world to create together 62 new international and intergenre music projects (often across the conflict lines),
  • involved hundreds of volunteers from more than 40 countries that worked together with 1700+ children and youth from 31 multiethnic villages from Kvemo-Kartli region (Georgia) to create movies, videos, animations, art installations, perfomances and many more (in framework of 117 workshop cycles),
  • raised 10 unique One Caucasus Towns, 
  • implemented 9 participatory space planning processes with the local communities,
  • conducted two One Caucasus Creative Education Academies for teachers of multiethnic schools in Georgia, 
  • created first constant program of Participatory Democracy in Caucasus - the Participatory Budgets in Georgia - where each year millions of Lari goes to projects invented and selected by local residents - from Zugdidi to Signaghi.  

If you are ready:

  • for one of the adventures of your life,
  • to spend part of the summer on the multi-ethnic borderland of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan,
  • to work with other talented people of various disciplines from all around the world,
  • to co-create an interdisciplinary festival that changes the reality around:

..join One Caucasus 2024 International Volunteer Program - the 10th Anniversary Edition!

The aim of this program is to use the participants' talents, professional skills, and imagination to create one of the most inspiring and inclusive festivals in Caucasus and beyond. This year's work will include creative education, interdisciplinary and multimedia art, construction and participatory architecture, multilingual promotion and outreach, research and documentation, cooking, logistics, and finally, inter-genre and international music.

You can choose long- and short-term volunteering. Depending on this choice - you can choose one of the teams:

Long-term Program (6-25 August):
  1. Workshops Team (Education and Art),
  2. One Caucasus Town - Construction Team,
  3. Participatory Architecture Team,
  4. Program Team (music program, non-music program, OC bazaar, etc.),
  5. Festival Information, Promotion and Documentation Team,
  6. Cooking for One Caucasus Team,
  7. Logistics & Organization Support Team.
Short-term Program (19-25 August):
  1. Music Support Team,
  2. One Caucasus Venue - Support Team, 
  3. Audience Support / Information Team,
  4. External Partners Support Team,
  5. Media Support and Documentation Team.

Key dates:

  • 5th June 2024 23:59 GMT+4 - deadline for submitting application (Main Call)
  • 10th June - first results of the Main Call
  • 6th August - Starting of the International Co-creators (Long-term) Program (Travel from Tbilisi to Tserakvi)
  • 19th August -  Starting of the International Co-creators (Short-term) Program (Travel from Tbilisi to Tserakvi)
  • 22-25 August - One Caucasus Festival
  • 26th August - End of the International Co-creators Program (Back from Tserakvi to Tbilisi)

 Before submitting:

  • Our requirements: 
    • You must be minimum 18 years old, 
    • You must speak and write in English,
    • You will need to cover your own travel expenses to/from Tbilisi..
    • ..and be able to attend the Program within its full period.  

  • Tips for writing application:
    • read Questions and Answers for this call,
    • be specific,
    • share important details,
    • if you have a portfolio or your works are available on the Internet - share the links with us,
    • share with us what specific tools you use - relevant to the profile of the team you are choosing.

Submit now!



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