One Caucasus Festival is often called the most inspirational festival in Caucasus. The first edition of the festival took a place in Georgia in 2014. The event is located in a region Marneuli, Kvemo-Kartli, at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Here - you can learn more about our story and roots of One Caucasus. 

Learn more about One Caucasus from our Information Brochure (pdf).


One Caucasus Festival is organized every year during summer. Each year the main part of work for One Caucasus starts in first half of August when the international volunteers arrive and start to work in various task teams. 

Why Kvemo-Kartli?

The Caucasus suffers from many conflicts. The region of Kvemo-Kartli is a borderland of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and is known for being a place where many ethnic and religious groups have been living in peace for many years. It is quite unique in the Caucasus which continues to suffer from a range of conflicts and tensions. Our aim is, with the support of the local municipality, to create an inspirational & safe space to foster the meetings and collaboration of young people from the entire Caucasus region.

What makes this Festival special?

One Caucasus Festival brings together musicians, artists, architects, educators and volunteers from all over the world.

It is a festival of the next generation:
  • joint international music projects created by professional musicians from Caucasus and beyond,
  • multifunctional One Caucasus Town co-created by architects, volunteers and locals – packed with program of various interdisciplinary activities,
  • visual arts program bringing prominent contemporary artists into the context of life of local villages.
A change-maker also to non-festival life:
  • to support establishing first ever participatory budget in Caucasus - with people deciding on local budget spending.
  • the festival was the reason for some of the infrastructure development - including repairing parts of the road to Tserakvi (first home of One Caucasus) - now villages such as Tserakvi, Sioni, Ahkula, Shaumiani have 5-10 minutes less to get to Marneuli, Tbilisi or borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan,
  • conducting all-year Informal Educational Program for villages of Marneuli, Kvemo-Kartli
Festival made by people for people:
  • offers an international volunteer program to co-create the Festival, 
  • includes the art projects (films, installations, etc.) created by youth from Kvemo-Kartli villages in framework of our educational program,
  • the Festival has free admission, free transport (Tbilisi/venue/Tbilisi) and free living zone.




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