Co-create One Caucasus 2023

This is the 10th Call for the International Volunteer Program of One Caucasus. One Caucasus: the most inspirational Festival in the whole Caucasus region.

EDIT: Open-to-Public One Caucasus Information On-line Session - Wednesday, 10th of May, 20:00 Caucasus Standard Time - link to ZOOM (Meeting ID: 836 6891 9840, access code: 232323)

One Caucasus, the International Program and Festival, is back with its 10th Call for the International Volunteer Program. This year, the festival will once again bring together a diverse team of artists, film-makers, activists, architects, animators, educators from around the world for three weeks in the multiethnic villages of the borderland of Georgia with Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The aim of this program is to use the participants' talents, professional skills, and imagination to create one of the most inspiring and inclusive festivals in Caucasus and beyond. This year's work will include creative education, interdisciplinary and multimedia art, construction and participatory architecture, multilingual promotion and outreach, research and documentation, cooking, logistics, and finally, inter-genre and international music.

One Caucasus will host 5 different teams again this year, including the

  • Creative Education Team
  • Festival Information, Promotion and Documentation Team,
  • Participatory Architecture & Construction Team,
  • Cooking for One Caucasus Team
  • Logistics & Organization Support Team.

The International Co-creators Program will run from the 8th of August to the 28th of August, with the One Caucasus Festival taking place from the 24th to the 27th of August. The deadline for application submission is Thursday, 27th April 15th of May 2023, 23:59 GMT+4 (NOTE: the deadline has been prolonged!)

By FILLING OUT THIS FORM you have a chance to join one of the most inspiring international volunteer teams.

To learn more about One Caucasus and their work, check out our Info Booklet, or visit our facebook page:

If you're interested in joining the International Volunteer On-line Team already in April/May - here you will find link to registration for on-line co-creators.

One Caucasus also stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and is offering to support travel expenses to Georgia for all selected co-creators from Ukraine. We will also support travel expenses of selected co-creators from Armenia and Azerbaijan

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#WeStandWithUkraine #OneCaucasusOneWorld #OneCaucasusOneEurope 

The project "One Europe One Caucasus II" is co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

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