Co-create One Caucasus 2021

This is the 8th Call for the International Volunteer Program of One Caucasus. One Caucasus is arguably the most inspirational Festival in the whole Caucasus region.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: 24th May 2021  23:59 GMT+4

About One Caucasus
One Caucasus is not only the place where young people from the whole Caucasus region meet but it is a real platform of the joint work across the conflict lines - in architecture and construction, education, music, art, and other disciplines. It is definitely neither the biggest nor the most expensive event. Our task is to use our talents, professional skills and imagination to create one of the most inspiring and inclusive festivals not only in the region. One Caucasus resulted in dozens of films, animations, stories, and interdisciplinary activities created by more than 1300 kids from Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Georgian villages across the Kvemo-Kartli region, Georgia. It is also a place where 34 new international music projects had their own premieres. One Caucasus also initiated first-ever participatory budgets in the Caucasus. Many of the results of our work you can watch on our YouTube channel (

One Caucasus in context of the second year of COVID19 pandemic.
Whatever would be the situation in August 2021- we are going to continue the Program and Festival One Caucasus this year. Our work includes creative education, interdisciplinary and multimedia art, participatory architecture, multilingual promotion and outreach, research and documentation, cooking and logistics - and finally: inter-genre and international music. Every year, in each of the above fields, we worked on-site in Georgia, but from 2020 we learnt also how to work online effectively.

In June, with our local partners, we will make a decision what format of One Caucasus 2021 we will pick - but even if we would have to move majority of One Caucasus activities on-line, we will make sure that they will be oriented on the local context of One Caucasus home - Marneuli, Kvemo-Kartli region.

So this year we want to find people who could not only work with us in Tserakvi, but also those who would like to share their talents in international, on-line task teams.

Each year One Caucasus volunteers co-create teams that make this Festival a unique event. This edition, One Caucasus will host 5 different teams again:

1. Workshops Team (Education and Art)
2. Participatory Architecture & Construction Team
3. Festival Information, Promotion and Documentation Team
4. Cooking for One Caucasus Team
5. Logistics & Organization Support Team

Learn more about our Program from Questions and Answers!

By filling this form you have a chance to join one of the most inspiring international volunteers' teams.

Deadline: 17th 24th May, 23:59 GMT, 2021

If we meet on-site - we would meet on the 11th of August in Tbilisi and travel together to Tserkavi. The main festival days are planned for the 26-29 of August.



The project "One Europe One Caucasus" is co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and the "RITA. Region in Transition" Program of Polish-American Freedom Foundation. 

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