Wherever you are now - Join One Caucasus Festival 2019. August 22-25. Georgia, Tserakvi !


By Car

To get to Tserakvi - you need to follow Marneuli-Sadakhlo road (Tbilisi-Yerevan route). If you travel from Tbilisi, you turn right in Shulaveri. Tserakvi is located in 72 km from Tbilisi (1 hour & 20-30 minutes by car)

If you travel from Armenia or from Azerbaijan (through the Red Bridge) - you turn left in Shulaveri. You go through Shaumiani and several other villages. Tserakvi will be the village coming after Sioni. Our campgrounds on the left side of the road when you arrive to Tserakvi.


By Bus

FREE BUSes SCHEDULE (apart from the ones that take only locals):

  • 12:00, 16:00 from Tbilisi (stop in Marneuli: 13:00, 17:00) - 2 buses
  • 16:00 from Red Bridge and Sadakhlo (also taking locals whenever there are free seats) 

The buses depart 15 minutes after the end of show on the big stage (2 buses to Tbilisi, 1 for Sadakhlo - and villages on the way, 1 for the Red bridge and villages on the way).


By Bike

Get to One Caucasus Festival by bike - learn practical tips on how to travel on bike through the countries of the Caucasus.

The first three long-distance bike travelers (documented travel for no less than 100 km by bike) who will reach Tserakvi for One Caucasus Festival will receive a special One Caucasus Pack (including One Caucasus T-shirt and other precious gifts). 



Tserakvi village and One Caucasus Festival offer you free-of-charge camping field at the festival venue. You can also use a shower (refreshing temperature water) in the camping field and Eastern toilets (with running water) in the One Caucasus Town for free. You can take your own tent or rent a tent at the venue.

 Prices: the price of a tent - three person tent costs 20 GEL a night. Price for sleeping package (sleeping mat & bag) - one person per night costs 10 GEL. 

You can also rent a room in Tserakvi or stay in the hotel in Marneuli or Tbilisi.

*We recommend you to use a Magti mobile network as the most accessible mobile network for  phone calls and internet.


For more information about available accommodation you can always ask from our Info Point at the Festival venue. You can also benefit from special discounts of One Caucasus Festival for accommodation in Shaumyani Hotel located on the top of the mountain (15 minutes from the Festival Venue by car).

 If you cross from the Armenian-Georgian border (e.g. waiting for a free bus from the border), we can recommend you a restaurant and hotel (contact - Armen +37493280848).

DedeBaba! (Azerbaijan)

The next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019 is DedeBaba ! (Azerbaijan)

Let's read an interesting interview with this band:

One Caucasus: How started your musical career?

DedeBaba: The first concert was in 2015 ,20 th of December. We decided to sing about social problems but to do it with fun in order to people smile and at one time start to think about things happen. Shortly to say  tragicomedy.
Our genre is called ashugh-pank but at one time we experiment with totally different genres like rock-and-roll, ska, reggae, rockabilly, hip-hop, latino, metal and even opera.
All this things are mixed with azeri national music and as a result we get "DədəBaba"

 An Gordonach! (Armenia)

The next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019 is An Gordonach! (Armenia)

An Gordonach! is a Scottish-Armenian rock project based out of Vanadzor, Armenia, the home of Armenian alternative music. “An Gordonach” is a traditional call in the Scots Gaelic language to members of Clan Gordon, the singer’s ancient highland clan from Aberdeenshire; it is said that Scots and Armenians share heritage and traits, so the name represented the energy and drive of the two nations.

Sahel Blues (Senegal - Poland)

The next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019 is Sahel Blues (Senegal - Poland)

Sahel Blues is a Senegalese-Polish band whose members got to know each other in Warsaw. The band consists of Pako Sarr (acoustic guitar, vocals), Grzegorz Rytka (saxophone) and Mamadou Diouf (djembe, vocals).

Orkhan Efendi  (Azerbaijan)

Let's check out the next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019: Orkhan Efendi  (Azerbaijan)

Orkhan Efendi is a musician and songwriter, creating and performing original music mainly concentrated on Blues together with Rock'n Roll as well as the the combination of diversified genres with them. He is writing and playing on the stage since a long time (mainly from 2014).

Orkhan plays guitar, bass and piano as well as has fundamental practice on drums. Moreover,he writes all parts of his songs by himself.

Red Carpet Band (Georgia)

We are glad to share with you a short interview with the next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019: ''Red Carpet Band''

Their Musical Path started from the Cultural Center in Marneuli (town near Bolnisi), where you can learn to play various musical instruments. Band’s members were taking classes separately in this center and after meeting each other there, one day a great idea of creating a band, music and art together came to their mind. From this point they became an active part of Marneuli’s cultural life.
''Red Carpet'' makes covers of pop, rock, pop-rock, blues music.

 Nemra (Armenia)

The next headliner of the One Caucasus Festival 2019 is Nemra (Armenia). Nemra will perform on the One Caucasus Festival Music stage a second time (first time was in 2018)

NEMRA is a Planet, where people live, fight and love each other, express their emotions and feelings through music. The name NEMRA is related to the name Armen – the international way of calling Armenians. NEMRA’s songs are about life, positive and negative phenomena of surrounded world, they present concepts of life, world love and peace.
Their musical path started from accidentally written songs. In 2011, young enthusiastic people got a wish to create a music band and one year later the dream incarnates into ''Nemra''. The band's members are Van Eghiazaryan,VaspurEghiazaryan, Marianna Karakeyan, Marek Zaborski.

Tchale (France/Togo)

Amazing news! We are happy to introduce you Tchalé (Benin/France) - our next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019!

The group performes universal Afroblues - a music that surprises, leads and touches. The founder of the group - Tchale is a son of the wind who bursts his travels of feverish melodies composed between West Africa and Europe, the great continents between which Tchale share his life.

Dihaj - Azerbaijan

We are introducing you the next  headliner of One Caucasus 2019: Dihaj !! Dihaj will perform on One Caucasus Festival a second time!

Dihaj is an electronic music collective from Baku, Azerbaijan formed in 2014. Initially a one-man-band Dihaj expanded as Anar (guitar, synth) and Ali (drums, percussion, fx) joined the project. “We all come from completely different musical backgrounds, so our sound is quite eclectic. That’s why we’ve never really been interested in trying to pinpoint the genre of the music we play. Just play what seems right and leave the rest to the listeners, right?” – says lead vocalist Diana.


We are glad to present our next music band  Allianplace  from Armenia who will perform during One Caucasus Festival 2019.

Young music band having written own songs in pop, and pop-rock, indie-rock genre. Group has been formed in 2018 aiming to promote its music through creating original and soul feeding melodies that express all kinds of emotions.

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