Huntertones (USA) at One Caucasus 2016


Our experience with Transkaukazja, ArtZona and One Caucasus proved that making concerts of great musicians is good but it is much better to create space for professional musicians coming from different countries, cultures & genres to work together. Some of such projects we collected on the music album "Caucasus+. Collection vol.#1: Georgia+" (amazing results of the meetings of the musicians from Georgia with musicians from Poland, Senegal, Jamaica among others). The album will be available during One Caucasus Festival at the venue.

If you want to join inspiring music adventure and work with some of the best musicians from Caucasus and other regions of the world - take part in our call. With the selected musicians we will have individual talks about concerts’ conditions.

One Caucasus is arguably the most inspirational Festival in the whole Caucasus region. And this is the call for co-creators of One Caucasus in 2019.

About One Caucasus

One Caucasus is not only place where young people from the whole Caucasus region meet but it is a real platform of the joint work across the conflict lines - in architecture and construction, education, music, art and other disciplines. One Caucasus resulted in dozens of films, animations, stories and interdisciplinary activities created by more than 800 kids from Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian villages across the Kvemo-Kartli region, Georgia. It is also a place where 29 new international music projects had their own premieres. One Caucasus also initiated first ever participatory budgets in Caucasus. Many of the results of our work you can watch at channel.

Our current situation
After five years of creating and conducting One Caucasus Festival and Program we are safe in securing the basic funds for making One Caucasus in 2019. What is very important - we see an interest from a current local government of Marneuli and a regional government of Kvemo Kartli in working together with One Caucasus.

Watch our video at

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Tmbata Orchestra -  Armenia

We are happy to present first of the headliners of One Caucasus 2018: Tmbata Orchestra!


Dihaj - Azerbaijan

We are glad to introduce you the next  headliner of One Caucasus 2018: Dihaj !!

Dihaj is an electronic music collective from Baku, Azerbaijan formed in 2014. Initially a one-man-band Dihaj expanded as Anar (guitar, synth) and Ali (drums, percussion, fx) joined the project. “We all come from completely different musical backgrounds, so our sound is quite eclectic. That’s why we’ve never really been interested in trying to pinpoint the genre of the music we play. Just play what seems right and leave the rest to the listeners, right?” – says lead vocalist Diana. Despite this,


Nick Infest - Georgia

We are glad to introduce you another participant of One Caucasus 2018: Nick Infest !!!

Untill 2008 Nick Infest with other DJs were actively listening to various types of music and playing some DJ sets. They were organizing just home music parties before realized it is really worth to share music with others. They started to invite new guests, strangers and as a result expanded a scale of their music performance.

Consequently young ambitious guys created the Georgian Psychedelic Community. From small open music events they have grown up to more serious professional festivals. They mostly play psychedelic trance music, sometimes down tempo such as ambient, dub or chill.


Red Carpet Band - Georgia

We are glad to share with you a short interview with our next headliner: ''Red Carpet Band''

Their Musical Path started from the Cultural Center in Marneuli (town near Bolnisi), where you can learn to play various musical instruments. Band’s members were taking classes separately in this center and after meeting each other there, one day a great idea of creating a band, music and art together came to their mind. From this point they became an active part of Marneuli’s cultural life.
''Red Carpet'' makes covers of pop, rock, pop-rock, blues music.


Nemra - Armenia

Let's read an interesting interview with the next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2018 – Nemra (Armenia).

Their musical path started from accidentally written songs. In 2011, young enthusiastic people got a wish to create a music band and one year later the dream incarnates into ''Nemra''. The band's members are Van Eghiazaryan,VaspurEghiazaryan, Marianna Karakeyan, Marek Zaborski.

Jakub Królikowski (Poland) - POZNAN HORNS

More and more talanted musicians on One Caucasus 2018. Our next headliner is Jakub Królikowski (Poland) - POZNAN HORNS  !


Jakub Królikowski collaborates with numerous musicians and artists from Poland and Europe. One of this great projects is POZNAN HORNS. He creates and performs music to achieve aesthetic satisfaction and metaphysical refection of the listeners. He performs improvised music and futuristic jazz on trumpet and piano (yass-bands 'Kartony' and Piotr Mełech Quartet).

The Natural Born Lovers (Georgian - American)

We introduce you our next headliner - The Natural Born Lovers (Georgian - American)  

 The Natural Born Lovers are the only Georgian-American blues band in the world and play a wide selection of authentic material deeply rooted in classic Chicago style blues, yet the audience can expect to also hear West Coast, Memphis and New Orleans numbers, as well as the band’s original songs.

Band leader Paul Rimple began playing harmonica as a teenager. An epiphany during a Willie Dixon concert in 1981 changed his life forever.

“That’s when the blues bit me,” he says. “Muddy Waters came out and sang I Got My Mojo Working and I got weak in the knees. I knew right then that I’d be playing the blues for the rest of my life.”

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The project is cofunded by Marneuli Municipality, Government of the United States, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw City Hall, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and French Institute of Georgia