One Caucasus 2021 Team - participatory architecture workshops

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One Caucasus 2021 Team - participatory architecture workshops

This is the 9th Call for the International Volunteer Program of One Caucasus. One Caucasus is arguably the most inspirational Festival in the whole Caucasus region.

Here you can find most important information about One Caucasus International Volunteer Program. It is divided into two sections - work on-site and on-line. 

We are happy to inform that one of the top bands of female voices of Caucasus - TSU Gordela (Georgia) will perform this year on One Caucasus  Festival 2020.

"TSU Gordela” is a Georgian folk group formed in 2007 at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. The leader of the ensemble is Vladimer (Tamaz) Mamaladze. “TSU Gordela” performs polyphonic folk songs as a cappella and by an accompaniment of the instruments as well.  

We are happy to present you our next headliner  Mamadou & Sama Yoon  (Poland/Senegal) @ One Caucasus  Festival 2020 (Warsaw Concert).

Mamadou & Sama Yoon was created in 2014 on the initiative of Mamadou Diouf, a charismatic Senegalese artist who has recorded several albums with such artists as Włodzimierz Kiniorski or Voo Voo, and saxophonist Grzegorz Rytka (DAAB, Szwagierkolaska).  

Welcome our next headliner CHVENEBUREBI ! at One Caucasus  Festival 2020

 CHVENEBUREBI is one of the most acclaimed Georgian vocal ensemble, specialized in traditional vocal polyphony accompanied by traditional instruments. The group members are representatives of „musical families” originating from different regions of Georgia which results in amazing mix of styles.

We are glad to introduce you another participant of One Caucasus 2020: Infest  !

Until 2008 Nick Infest with other DJs were actively listening to various types of music and playing some DJ sets. They were organizing just home music parties before realized it is really worth to share music with others. They started to invite new guests, strangers and as a result expanded a scale of their music performance.

We are presenting the next headliner of One Caucasus 2020: Shaban Mamedov (Georgia) !

Shaban Mamadov (vocalist, keyboardist) is definitely a Marneuli music sensation. He mixes pop, jazz and traditional Georgian and Azerbaijani music. He studies classic vocal at the Tbilisi Mikeladze Central Music School. 

We are happy to announce a name of our first headliner : La Courbe Flottante at One Caucasus  Festival 2020

La Courbe Flottante is a Franco/Georgian/Armenian band based in Tbilisi (Georgia) and composed of: 

We are presenting the next headliner of One Caucasus 2020: VOŁOSI (Warsaw)!

VOŁOSI are a revelation – their compelling performance energy transcends musical and geographical boundaries to create a completely irresistible combination. I defy you not to love them!” Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC

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