One Caucasus is an annual, international, interdisciplinary festival and a long-term borderland program that first took a place in Georgia in 2014.

The Caucasus suffers from many conflicts. The region of Kvemo-Kartli is a borderland of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and is known for being a place where many ethnic and religious groups have been living in peace for many years. 

One Caucasus Festival is organized every year during summer in Tserakvi in the Kvemo-Kartli region. Each year the main part of work for One Caucasus starts in the first half of August when the international volunteers arrive and start to work in various task teams - both with the aim of building the festival and by working with the region's communities on a multitude of empowerment projects. 

One Caucasus Festival brings together musicians, artists, architects, educators and volunteers from all over the world.
Join as a co-creator a musician or simply come to Kvemo-Kartli late August to enjoy ONE CAUCASUS 2021! 

Entry to the festival is, and always will be, free of charge. Read the full story.







When you can't visit the home of the music - the music will visit your home.

An Open letter from One Caucasus Organizers

Dear all,

Since 2014, organizing #OneCaucasus Festival always came with unpredictable and unique challenges. The situation of COVID-19 in Georgia is very difficult and first of all, we fully sympathize with those affected wishing them a safe recovery.

Just yesterday evening together with National Center of Disease Control (NCDC) we decided on the final format of One Caucasus 2021:
- We move all our festival activities online,
- We focus on making all One Caucasus program activities - including: music, art initiatives and participatory architecture - according to existing regulations,
- We are joining the NCDC campaign “Mass Vaccination Marathon” - and use One Caucasus to promote vaccination in Georgia - and especially in the Kvemo-Kartli region.

As One Caucasus #WeDoNotGiveUp! We will not open the physical Festival gates this year - but as you cannot visit the home of art and music - art and music will visit your home!
If you’re our friend and a fan of #OneCaucasus - stay tuned for the upcoming online itinerary. Don’t forget - We are All One! And please support One Caucasus and its message!

One Caucasus International Team.

You can read the full Emergency Action Plan we developed in Georgian and in English HERE.



The power behind ONE CAUCASUS lies in it’s family - the volunteers from around the world


NOTE: We have closed the call for volunteers for One Caucasus 2021, but feel free to reach out if you would like to be contacted for volunteering opportunities in 2022.

One Caucasus is not only the place where young people from the whole Caucasus region meet but it is a real platform of the joint work across the conflict lines - in architecture and construction, education, music, art, and other disciplines.
It is definitely neither the biggest nor the most expensive event. However, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and local know-how we are always able to keep our co-creators fed, housed and busy with a variety of tasks: from wine-tasting and gorging on delicious khinkali, to roof repairs, digital documentation or handling social media!

Our task is to use our talents, professional skills and imagination to create one of the most inspiring and inclusive festivals not only in the region. Each year One Caucasus volunteers co-create teams that make this Festival a unique event. This edition, ONE CAUCASUS 2021 will host 5 different teams again:

1. Workshops Team (Education and Art)
2. Participatory Architecture & Construction Team
3. Festival Information, Promotion and Documentation Team
4. Cooking for One Caucasus Team
5. Logistics & Organization Support Team

CONNECT to sign up for opportunities in 2022.




Are you a musical or interdisciplinary performer who loves to collaborate with likeminded crowd?


NOTE: We have closed the call for Musicians for One Caucasus 2021, but get in touch if you would like to be in the know about our goings-on or be reminded of opportunities in 2022.

We invite you to reach out to us and become part of the program. The festival is not a music event exclusively and historically ONE CAUCASUS hosted dance classes, yoga, taekwondo, visual and performative arts classes or creative toy-making workshops for kids, among many, many others. Would you like to take your talent to the road and pass it on in the mountainous setting of Kvemo-Kartli? 

How can your passion shape the Festival? The deadline of the Call for Musicians is 15th of July, 23:59.




If you like what you see, have any questions about the festival or would like to join the team in any capacity we invite you to shoot us a message, give us a call or send an email.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Irakli - Director of One Caucasus NGO, Festival COO
+995 558 66 87 71 / in Georgian, English & Russian



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