Here you can find most important information about One Caucasus International Volunteer Program. It is divided into two sections - work on-site and on-line. 

Where we, people of One Caucasus (coming from so many different backgrounds), stand ...

The recent history reminds us of the sad truth - that it is much easier to destroy than to build. Sometimes being brave means to keep calm, to refrain from using violence, to think of consequences of our own actions - even if everyone around us is justifiably angry. Some of you have asked where One Caucasus stands, what is our position regarding recent events. One Caucasus is not a political organization - we do not pretend to know how to solve major conflicts of this world, but we have witnessed the amazing power of young people coming together from divided countries and with our own eyes we have seen them when they were getting know each other, working together and making change together. Those actions take real courage.

We can tell you where we, people of One Caucasus (coming from so many different backgrounds), stand. We stand together with parents who have lost their children and with children who have lost their parents. Your losses are the biggest losses and we send our thoughts and prayers to you. We stand with those who have been beaten only because they belong to the ‘enemy’ nation - remember no one will ever take your dignity away. Finally, we stand with those, who do everything in their power to stop the violence, because only in you we find hope that no more mothers will cry knowing they will never see their sons again.

If we meet in Tserakvi this year:


Is it safe to come to One Caucasus this year?
Final decision about organizing a festival in Tserkvi we make in June - together with our local and regional partners and after consultations with the Ministry of Health. If the decision will be positive - we will implement all recommended safety measures. 

What should I cover if I become One Caucasus Volunteer?
One Caucasus volunteers cover their travel expenses to Tbilisi. All the other costs related with transport from Tbilisi to Tserakvi, transport in the region during the program, accommodation, and meals (3 times a day) are covered by organizers. If you come to Georgia for the first time - we would strongly recommend you come at least a few days earlier than our program starts or to stay in Georgia a few days after the program ends.

Where would I stay if I am One Caucasus Volunteer?
Volunteers of One Caucasus are accommodated in local public school in Tserakvi or in the camping field next to it. The living conditions are basic. The school is equipped with toilets and showers – however the water and electricity shortages happen. Each year, step-by-step we try to improve the local conditions.


What I would eat as One Caucasus Volunteer.
OC canteen provides 3 meals in a day. For volunteers it is free and you have the possibility to cook and present your national food as well. Audiences can buy food during festival days.

What about the Internet? 
The school in Tserakvi will be equipped with a few wi-fi hot-spots – so we highly recommend you to take your laptop with yourself, as well as other equipment (such as photo/video camera, etc.) if you are selected.

What about the weather?
The weather in Tserakvi in August is usually hot and sunny - however due to the mountainous location it is usually cooler than in the Eastern part of the Marneuli region and Tbilisi (an average high-temperature in August is 31°C). During the second half of August it becomes chilly at night. 

What would I do if I were selected for the Workoshop Team (Education And Art)?
You will work in the team that includes educators, culture animators, contemporary artists, filmmakers, cartoonists, video editors, activists, and practitioners of social sciences who work in small teams with kids, youth, and adults in Georgian, Azerbaijani and Armenian villages across the Kvemo-Kartli region. The results of the team's pre-Festival work will be presented at the exhibition and cinema zones (and not only) of One Caucasus Town during the Festival.

Can I conduct international seminars or lectures during the program?   
Our philosophy of work in the Workshop Team is practical and based on informal methods such as learning by doing, mapping the local contexts, focusing on creating actual pieces as a result of workshops/actions such as: films, installations, animations, exhibitions, performances, etc. Our rule is that we treat participants of our workshops not as students but as co-creators. Still the final format of each workshop is shaped by the unique experience and ideas coming from Workshop Team members. 

What about the language of workshops? How can I be involved in the workshop team if I don’t know Georgian?
Workshops are conducted in the native/first language of kids from a particular village of Marneuli region - In Georgian/Armenian/Azerbaijani. We usually create 2-person workshop teams - where one of the educators/artists speaks in “local” language - so there is no problem with translations. 

What would I do if I were selected for the Information, Promotion and Documentation Team?
You will work in the team of journalists, students of journalism, PR and media practitioners, designers, photographers, filmmakers, campaigners who work in a multilingual group creating promotional videos, documenting One Caucasus work and events, editing and translating information, creating content for the website and social media and finally creating and implementing original promotional actions both in Tbilisi, across Marneuli and on the web.

What would I do if I were selected for the Participatory Architecture and Construction Team?
You will work in the team of architects, students of architecture, practitioners of participatory planning processes, designers, craftsmen, carpenters, and all other people who enjoy and know how to construct. The team co-create the masterplan of One Caucasus Town and projects for its elements. Then you will construct the modules of One Caucasus Town (with wood/iron/other materials). Some part of the team will be involved in conducting participatory planning processes for public spaces/objects in 3 villages of Marneuli region - including research, workshops, develop the results of the workshops (visualizations/projects) and support construction/renovation work.

What would I do if I am selected for Cooking For One Caucasus Team?
You will be in the team of cooks, managers & amateurs - people who love to cook and/or to organize the gastronomy. Your task will be to co-organize the kitchen for our international team (including preparing meals for volunteers) and later to create One Caucasus Restaurant with cuisines from all around the world - that will be open to the public during the festival.

What I would do if I am selected for Logistics & Organization Support Team
You will provide organizational support to our work for One Caucasus Festival. Your  team will be involved in planning medical, security, transport, camping, and other kinds of support for One Caucasus Program and Festival.


If we make One Caucasus On-line this year:


What would I do if I were selected for the Workshop Team (Education and Art)?
You will be prepared to work in a small (2-3 person) international trainers/artists team with local teachers from Kvemo-Kartli on the idea/script of the workshops. Then implementing workshops on-line with kids from the region and/or work on-line on the results of the workshops - to support finalizing the product of the workshop.

What would I do if I am selected for the Information, Promotion and Documentation Team?
You will get a chance to reach out for support from worldwide known: celebrities/artists/musicians and philanthropists. Follow up with other teams to establish efficient internal communication and documentation strategy. Monit and collect information about each team proceedings. Assure fast and creative SM/Web/Insta updates including translations. We also got still plenty of materials from the past which are waiting for your imagination to be shaped and launched. 

What would I do if I am selected for the Participatory Architecture and Construction Team?
You will have a chance to create a multi-user platform and 3D, remotely accessible model(s) of One Caucasus Town - where you will implement the results of the work of other teams (video/audio/written and photo contents). You may also take part in co-conducting participatory planning processes for public spaces/objects (including on-line tools for research/mapping, creating visualizations/projects).

What would I do if I am selected for Cooking for One Caucasus Team?
You can take part in research on Georgian/Caucasian local cuisines as well as national foods of the rest of the team members. But first of all, you can co-creating One Caucasus Cooking On-line: preparation of national and experimental/mixed meals (“One Caucasus Cooking …” vlog, blog, articles, on-line training, classes).

What would I do if I were selected for the Logistics & Organization Support Team?
You will help to organize online work in the most efficient way. Assist other teams in the smooth implementation of their tasks and support the technical side of projects.

Please find our call for One Caucasus Co-creators 2020 here.


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