Nemra (Armenia)
Nemra (Armenia)

The next headliner of the One Caucasus Festival 2019 is Nemra (Armenia). Nemra will perform on the One Caucasus Festival Music stage a second time (first time was in 2018)

NEMRA is a Planet, where people live, fight and love each other, express their emotions and feelings through music. The name NEMRA is related to the name Armen – the international way of calling Armenians. NEMRA’s songs are about life, positive and negative phenomena of surrounded world, they present concepts of life, world love and peace.
Their musical path started from accidentally written songs. In 2011, young enthusiastic people got a wish to create a music band and one year later the dream incarnates into ''Nemra''. The band's members are Van Eghiazaryan,VaspurEghiazaryan, Marianna Karakeyan, Marek Zaborski.

Let's read an interesting interview with Nemra from  One Caucasus Festival 2018.

One Caucasus: Was it easy to enter in the world of music?

Nemra: To be honest we even didn'trealize how we became a part of it. From the first day we just do what we love, we do what really brings pleasure in our space, in our world and we understood in time that it brings pleasure also for others, into thousands people’s life as well. We are very happy for it.

One Caucasus: Do you remember any funny occasion related to your first musical events?

Nemra: We had many funny stories in the beginning, quite often they were related to Van. One day, after our rehearsals, he was saved from a car accident, another time he swallowed a fly while he was singing:)). Vaspurhadn't ever played bass guitar before our first rehearsal day and the rehearsal’s place owner gave him the bass guitar to play. It was quite complicated in the beginning to convince Van that he should not only play the guitar but also should sing. Marianna joined our band as a drummer but what happened next wasexciting.

One Caucasus: Did anyone influence your music style or music path?

Nemra:  Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Chaykovski  and almost all classical musicians, from rock-  The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Queen, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Okean Elzy, System of a down, Scars on Broadway...  and so dozens of artists and bands who we love. Each of us shaped our music style. Van, Vaspur, Marianna almost created our band stylebut  when Marek joined us we totally found our style and it became quite clear what we are going to work on. We try to not stick to one thing, if you compare our first songs with nowadays ones, you will feel many changes in them but actually they are all performed by the same people.

One Caucasus: So,what is your music style now?

Nemra: Overall we still can’t say what is our main style, some people say we play alternative rock, but we don’t limit it, to be honest when we create a new song, when we perform it, we share real emotions with our audience, other things are not important for us.

One Caucasus: What do you expect from participation in One Caucasus Festival?

Nemra:  We participated in many festivals, most of them were in Armenia, one of the biggest one was  "Voice of Nomads'' International Festival in Ulan-Ude, where we played with different bands from all angles of the world. It was quite interesting to get to know more about their culture. The same is about One Caucasus. It is a good opportunity for us to be acquainted with other countries' music and we are quite inspired by an idea to have performance with the Azerbaijani music band to prove one more time that the art and music do not have any limits and borders. Overall, we are all one, we are the same, and a political situation in countries is not blame of nations. In general, as soon people realize we are all human beings, as quicker a day of peace will come.

One  Caucasus: Have you ever collaborated with any Azeri music bands? If yes, which kind of collaboration and experience it was?

Nemra: We have never cooperated with Azeri music bands but we have never been minded to do it. We even have some fans from Azerbaijan and we were glad to know there are people, whichdon’t pay attention to our countries' relationships. There is no bad nation; there are just various political games.

One Caucasus: Are you ready for such experience on One Caucasus Festival? Do you think it is really possible?

Nemra: We are ready, definitely.  In any case, nationality doesn't matter for us and it doesn't change our regard to someone. If the person is nice for us, we don'tcare where he comes from and the same is about music, if we have similar taste in music and the same ideas about working together, we don't think about nationality.


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