Tchale (France/Togo)
Tchale (France/Togo)

Amazing news! We are happy to introduce you Tchalé (Benin/France) - our next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019!

The group performes universal Afroblues - a music that surprises, leads and touches. The founder of the group - Tchale is a son of the wind who bursts his travels of feverish melodies composed between West Africa and Europe, the great continents between which Tchale share his life.

Tchale grew up in a world where the diversity of music and languages are the everyday experience. Benin, Togo, West Africa - at family ceremonies, in streets, in schools and in churches, music is everywhere. 

In Tchale's songs and in his music he shows love to life, world and people.

Each musician of Tchale's band is truly unique with his own ways of music expression. Passion for music with no borders is what unite them.   


Join us at One Caucasus Opening Night on 22th of August and stay with us in Tserakvi - the international center for creating new music initiatives.


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