Huntertones (USA) at One Caucasus 2016



Our experience with Transkaukazja, ArtZona and One Caucasus proved that making concerts of great musicians is good but it is much better to create space for professional musicians coming from different countries, cultures & genres to work together. Some of such projects we collected on the music album "Caucasus+. Collection vol.#1: Georgia+" (amazing results of the meetings of the musicians from Georgia with musicians from Poland, Senegal, Jamaica among others). The album will be available during One Caucasus Festival at the venue.   

If you want to join inspiring music adventure and work with some of the best musicians from Caucasus and other regions of the world - take part in this call.

Selected musicians who will take part in call will have chance to co-create most inspiring international music collaborations with musicians from Poland, Senegal and other places of the world! 

One Caucasus Program and Bolnisi Municipality, together with Kvemo-Kartli Administration and The Other Space Foundation are proud to invite public institutions, non-governmental organizations and informal movements to take part in participatory planning workshop dedicated to future Poladauri Park of Arts and Science. 

Each year of One Caucasus Festival the unique Town was created by international team of volunteers from more than 20 countries - including architects, students of architecture from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Poland and Tunisia. The temporary One Caucasus Town was example of economic, practical and creative architecture. One of the central part of the Town was always place where the art works created by local youth from Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian villages with support of One Caucasus educators and artists coming from all parts of the world were presented.

One Caucasus is arguably the most inspirational Festival in the whole Caucasus region. And these are the first calls for co-creating One Caucasus in 2018.

About One Caucasus

One Caucasus is not only place where young people from the whole Caucasus region meet but it is a real platform of the joint work across the conflict lines - in architecture and construction, education, music, art and other disciplines. One Caucasus resulted in dozens of films, animations, stories and interdisciplinary activities created by more than 500 kids from Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian villages across the Kvemo-Kartli region. It is also a place where 25 new international music projects had their own premieres. One Caucasus also initiated first ever participatory budgets in Caucasus. Many of the results of our work you can watch at channel.

Our current situation
After four years of creating and conducting One Caucasus Festival and Program we are still struggling to secure basic funds for making One Caucasus in 2018. After last municipal election we also see no interest from new local government of Marneuli in working together with One Caucasus. We are now looking for a right venue in the borderland of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan for making One Caucasus 2018 happen. What we can promise is the determination and work of our International Team to make One Caucasus this year happen. 

We are proud to officially present the first ever short movie made in framework of One Caucasus: Kingdom of Love - created by kids from Tserakvi in 2014.

We are honored to present "Shaumiani" short movie by Merri Mkrtchian created in framework of One Caucasus Education Program 2017.

Read our story - learn about the roots of One Caucasus Festival. 

It is our honor to announce that world-famous Natig Rhythm Group will perform @ One Caucasus Festival 2017. The greatest nagara player to emerge from the Caucasus, Natig Shirinov has revolutionized nagara percussion technique to become Azerbaijan's first rhythm composer, touring the world as part of Alim Qasimov's ensemble from 1999 to 2007, now with the Natig Rhythm Group bringing his creative energy with award winning performances and innovative compositions.

During One Caucasus 2017 Natig Rhythm Group (In an extended, 10-person band!) will be working with musicians from other countries and other genres. So beside the one of the greatest shows of live music of Caucasus we will have another premieres of the new international music projects! 

Natig with Natig Rhythm Group was awarded the Grand Prix Award at the Geumsan World Percussion Performance Art Festival in 2011. In 2012 and 2014 Natig performed and gave master classes at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.


We are glad to present you another part of our Festival  program of musicians and bands which will perform on One Caucasus town's Sound Zone!


Another Great News! Masala Soundsystem (Poland) - the real masters of mixing various music styles and music cultures will join One Caucasus 2017. But it will be not only their first appearance in Caucasus - but also worldwide premiere of joint music project by Masala Soundsystem and Natig Rhythm Group of Azerbaijan.  

Masala Soundsystem is a musical entity from Warsaw (Poland) with 15 years of musical activity and 10 released albums under its belt. It combines traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, jew-harp, sarangi, saz...) and vocal techniques (throat singing) from various parts of the world, with modern drum loops, deep bass and socially conscious street poetry - serving it all with significant pinch of punk energy:

We are honored to introduce you  one of the main starts and infinite talanted musicians of One Caucasus Festival:  Pako Sarr !
Pako Sarr (Soweto Youth Boys, ARRA, Pako Sarr Band) is an acclaimed artist from Senegal, who is currently residing in Poland.

This year it would be his 5th anniversary with One Caucasus Festival.This talented musician, composer and producer is known for his distinctive voice and excellent guitar technique. He sings in Wolof, English and French. His music connects African roots with western influences. He's active on the World Music scene, expressing himself in genres like afro, reggae, soul and rock. During various music and art events he performed with different Georgian bands such as 33A, Chveneburebi, Gordela and Zumbaland.