Infest @ One Caucasus Festival

We are glad to introduce you another participant of One Caucasus 2020: Infest  !

Until 2008 Nick Infest with other DJs were actively listening to various types of music and playing some DJ sets. They were organizing just home music parties before realized it is really worth to share music with others. They started to invite new guests, strangers and as a result expanded a scale of their music performance.

Consequently young ambitious guys created the Georgian Psychedelic Community. From small open music events they have grown up to more serious professional festivals. They mostly play psychedelic trance music, sometimes down tempo such as ambient, dub or chill.

Infest: Each Festival is unique and every performance is a great pleasure for me. Moreover, I liked an experience of previous editions of One Caucasus Festival (from 2017 - 2019) where I met a lot of artists with diverse background and from different countries. So, I am glad to join it every year.