La Courbe Flottante

We are happy to announce a name of our first headliner : La Courbe Flottante at One Caucasus  Festival 2020

La Courbe Flottante is a Franco/Georgian/Armenian band based in Tbilisi (Georgia) and composed of: 

  • Tamouna Bordovach Mgaloblishvili (lead vocals, guitar, accordion, ukulele). 
  • David Khositashvili (guitar, changouri, bass and vocal) 
  • Vardan Paremuzyan (percussions, drums and vocal) 
  • Zura Devsurashvili (Guitars, percussions, bow).

3 united countries on stage for one goal: to let the audience travel and dream.

Because of their theatrical base, La Courbe Flottante is more a performance than a concert.

La Courbe Flottante was established in 2017 and since then played various times in Armenia (Yerevan) and Georgia (Tbilisi, Telavi, etc.)