One Caucasus People

Where we, people of One Caucasus (coming from so many different backgrounds), stand ...

The recent history reminds us of the sad truth - that it is much easier to destroy than to build. Sometimes being brave means to keep calm, to refrain from using violence, to think of consequences of our own actions - even if everyone around us is justifiably angry. Some of you have asked where One Caucasus stands, what is our position regarding recent events. One Caucasus is not a political organization - we do not pretend to know how to solve major conflicts of this world, but we have witnessed the amazing power of young people coming together from divided countries and with our own eyes we have seen them when they were getting know each other, working together and making change together. Those actions take real courage.

We can tell you where we, people of One Caucasus (coming from so many different backgrounds), stand. We stand together with parents who have lost their children and with children who have lost their parents. Your losses are the biggest losses and we send our thoughts and prayers to you. We stand with those who have been beaten only because they belong to the ‘enemy’ nation - remember no one will ever take your dignity away. Finally, we stand with those, who do everything in their power to stop the violence, because only in you we find hope that no more mothers will cry knowing they will never see their sons again.