Free From Four (Azerbaijan)
Free From Four (Azerbaijan)

The next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019 Free from four: (Azerbaijan) !

Let's read an interesting interview with this band.

One Caucasus: How long have you been playing? What genre mostly do you play in? ‌

Free From Four: There are three musician in our band: Anar Abdullayev - guitar, programing,Hafiz Bakhishli - guitar, keyboard, Ali Nasib - drums, effects.

We are all are representatives of the "forth wave" of azeri rock. We are from such bands like Black Garage, Pro’n’Con and Midnight. Each of bands was created in 2005-2006. FF4 collective was created in 2014 (20th of June).In general, we can say that we play in Progressive genre as there are some elements of Fusion, Math rock.

One Caucasus:
Do you create your music yourself or play already well known tracks?

Free From Four: All compositions are written and arrange by us and we don't play music of any other musicians.

One Caucasus:
Did you participate in any festivals?

Free From Four: 
FF4 participanted in Baku Jazz Festival (2017),Sofar Baku (August 2018), in Phoenix Caucasian awards 2018 we were prized in nomination "The Best Debut of the year".

Join us at One Caucasus Opening Night on 22th of August and Stay with us in Tserakvi - the international center for creating new music initiatives.