DedeBaba! (Azerbaijan)
DedeBaba! (Azerbaijan)

The next headliner of One Caucasus Festival 2019 is DedeBaba ! (Azerbaijan)

Let's read an interesting interview with this band:

One Caucasus: How started your musical career?

DedeBaba: The first concert was in 2015 ,20 th of December. We decided to sing about social problems but to do it with fun in order to people smile and at one time start to think about things happen. Shortly to say  tragicomedy.
Our genre is called ashugh-pank but at one time we experiment with totally different genres like rock-and-roll, ska, reggae, rockabilly, hip-hop, latino, metal and even opera.
All this things are mixed with azeri national music and as a result we get "DədəBaba"

One Caucasus:  What hardships did you face in the beginning of your musical path and which you face now?

DedeBaba:  We never had some specific hardships on our musical path because there were always people  who helped ( even in providing some equipment till releasing a new album) and that's all absolutely for free! Many people just like what we do.

One Caucasus: How do you create your new songs? Which sources of inspiration do you have?

DedeBaba: We write our songs based on observations around. It is possible  to see and notice many interesting things if you are attentive.

One Caucasus: What do you sing about?

DedeBaba: We write about life itself. Mostly about family problems.

One Caucasus: Do you have an experience of participation in events like One Caucasus?

 DedeBaba:  No, we don't,  but we have an experience in participation on Caucasian Music Awards Phoenix where we got a prize for the best video for a song "Molotov kotleti".
One Caucasus: Do you think it will be easy for musical bands to know each other in so short period of time  and  to create  new musical performances for the festival guests?

 DedeBaba:  Easy ! Music has the same language and all musicians know it.

 Join us at One Caucasus Opening Night on 22th of August and Stay with us in Tserakvi - the international center for creating new music initiatives.