NARTI Ensemble (Georgia)
NARTI Ensemble (Georgia)

We are pleased to share with you a short interview with our next participant - NARTI ensemble (Georgia)!

has been performing on a stage for more than 10 years. The leader of the ensemble is Vardiko Todria who created this ensemble by uniting master-players of various musical instruments. The name ''NARTI'' is translated as ''different instruments''. The ensemble members play instruments, sing folk songs and dance folk dances .


 One Caucasus: Why did you choose Folk genre? Aren't people mostly listen to contemporary music ?



NARTI: Because we love our native national/folk music, instruments and we don't want to lose it in time. It is very important for Georgian people. We want to preserve it for our children and for future generations to make this music immortal.


One Caucasus: Is it easy to save this genre in case when youth prefers international music and other styles like pop, rap, electronic, etc?


NARTI: We mix contemporary music with folk, this is one of the unique features of our music. We try to create music not only for adults but for young generation as well. Of course, it is not easy and we work hard to keep this style and to create something really worth to listen to. Moreover, we are also teacher in other ensembles for children to educate this music taste from early age.


One Caucasus: What is a reason of so much age gaps between your ensemble members ?  Why did you choose especially this approach?


NARTI:  The age doesn't important for us, the most important is love to our national music and work we do. This diversity also helps us to be more successful and ambitious .


One Caucasus: What do you think what does One Caucasus give local villages where the Festival takes place? What does the Festival give to its guests and participants?



NARTI: We think One Caucasus makes local villages popular for tourists, which is quite good, it also brings happiness to locals life. Participants, besides getting a  from their performance, also exchange an experience of various countries. It is really a huge work to organize everything during this Festival on so high level.

We are glad to participate in One Caucasus Festival and we will be happy to share and take everything valuable on this Festival. We expect to create new friendships with art/music professionals and maybe even to work together in future, that's very important for us.

One Caucasus: Thank you!




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