Piotr Melech (Poland) - Poznan Horns

We are happy to represent you our next headliner -  Piotr Melech (Poland).  He is an improviser. He performs as a solo musician as well as with various bands such as Poznan Horns.

 One Caucasus: How and when did your musical path start ?

Piotr Melech: It's a long story...Many years ago I heard a duet of a clarinetist with a double bass in front of a bar in Brussels. The sound of the clarinet charmed me enough that I decided to become a clarinetist. Well, I am now! There were many years of practice, playing on the streets and later  playing in bands. I have been playing for 18 years. I really love it!


One Caucasus: Did you go to study somewhere or tried to learn playing musical instruments yourself?


Piotr Melech: I have learned to play myself I started quite late when I was about 23. There were many such hardships on my way: from bying very good instruments to obstacles which were related to work by my own methods or other workshop problems.


One Caucasus: I see, but what did help you to keep motivation and to not give up on your way ?


Piotr Melech: I never had problems with motivation)) Well, some people really give up on the way to their dream but not.


One Caucasus: You join One Caucasus Festival first time. How do you feel about it?


Piotr Melech: Yes, it is my first time on One Caucasus Festival, and I'm realny happy to join it!


One Caucasus: We are very happy to see you with us too! What are your expectations from participation in One Caucasus Festival ?


Piotr Melech: I think main expectations are possibilities of cooperation with musicians from other cultures, mutual experience. Besides,  a fact, I will be first time in Caucasus, means a lot. It looks like there will be a lot of new things to experience.


One Caucasus: Thank you for the interview !




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