Jakub Królikowski (Poland) - POZNAN HORNS

More and more talanted musicians on One Caucasus 2018. Our next headliner is Jakub Królikowski (Poland) - POZNAN HORNS  !


Jakub Królikowski collaborates with numerous musicians and artists from Poland and Europe. One of this great projects is POZNAN HORNS. He creates and performs music to achieve aesthetic satisfaction and metaphysical refection of the listeners. He performs improvised music and futuristic jazz on trumpet and piano (yass-bands 'Kartony' and Piotr Mełech Quartet).

Aiming at highlighting the best musical traditions and the crucial values of contemporary music, he composes music for instruments (Cosmonauts are Lost ...), electronics (Invisible Club), for the theatre (Polish Dance Theater), performances ('With Out Identity' with Paweł

Krupski) and multimedia events (with Milan Loviška and Otto Krause in Vienna). He searches for variable relations between music and other arts (Swiatłodzwieki). Recently, he concentrates his actions on creating the next scene of a cyclical, multimedia based project ABXY:

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