Red Carpet Band - Georgia

We are glad to share with you a short interview with our next headliner: ''Red Carpet Band''

Their Musical Path started from the Cultural Center in Marneuli (town near Bolnisi), where you can learn to play various musical instruments. Band’s members were taking classes separately in this center and after meeting each other there, one day a great idea of creating a band, music and art together came to their mind. From this point they became an active part of Marneuli’s cultural life.
''Red Carpet'' makes covers of pop, rock, pop-rock, blues music.


‘’Usually we work on music that we love and which is popular in society. We are so happy to work together and create music which makes people happy’’- said one of the members of the band.

One Caucasus: Was it easy to start to work on a big stage ? Which kind of hardships did you face from the beginning of your musical path?


Red Carpet Band: It was quite hard at the begging because everyone has fear of the stage, especially when ones start to participate in bigger projects. With time we got used to share with people music we create. We love a clapping sound when people see us on the stage, we love how they sing with us, dance with us and get happy when they hear us. It motivates us to do the job we do with more and more pleasure.


‘’Red Carpet’’ participates in One Caucasus Festival third time!


One Caucasus: What does bring you to One Caucasus every time?


“Red Carpet’’: One Caucasus’s stage and the Festival itself is a place where we can feel freedom, love, friendship, kindness, support and many other good feelings. When we play there, we feel that not only Georgians, but also guests from the whole world listen to us and enjoy our work. The festival teaches every person how to be friendly with different people and how great it is to share your work with others.We feel people truly enjoy our performance and truly understand whom we work for!




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