We are proud to officially present the first ever short movie made in framework of One Caucasus: Kingdom of Love - created by kids from Tserakvi in 2014.



Lude Reno (Martinique fr.), Warsaw-based film educator, director, actor and writer started his work in One Caucasus with group of kids from Tserakvi in 2014. Together with Natalia Dovga (Ukraine) and Sopho Kavtaradze (Georgia) - Lude conducted workshops where the participants were not only learning how to create the movie - but actually they really did it. The idea, script, acting, filming and drawings - they are coming from kids of Tserakvi. The only thing Lude had to do himself - was movie editing, which considering the wishes of kids to make a "real manga-style duel" or to animate dragon in his cave (cave was located below the Tserakvi school's staircase) took an enormous effort to finalize it in a very short period.

The final result had its premiere night in One Caucasus first cinema (open-air venue created from truck "Transformer" - interdisciplinary vehicle of Utopiana: Armenian-Swiss independent art organization) during first One Caucasus Festival.

"Kingdom of Love" was a begining of our educational journey that covered more than 18 villages in Marneuli region, running dozens of workshops where Armenian, Azeri and Georgian kids become co-creators. Lude himself conducted later workshops in many other places (including: Kvemo-Sarali, Damia, Shaumiani), but in next years he was also working with Tserakvi kids - creating with them One Caucasus News (in 2015) or Little Prince of Tserakvi (in 2016). 


Lude and Lasha ("King of Fire") - making Kingdom of Love