Marneuli District is located in Eastern Georgia, in the historical Province of southeast Kvemo Kartli..The municipality adjoins Gardabani to the east, Tetritskaro to the north, Bolnisi municipalities to the west and shares borders with Armenia and Azerbaijan to the south.

There are a few crossing points in the Municipality – the Red Bridge near Azerbaijan and Sadakhlo near the country of Armenia.

The municipality center is Marneuli, which is 30 km away from Tbilisi and it’s average elevation above sea level is 420 m.

The total area of the municipality is 935.2 m. It includes 18 territorial units, one of them is a small city, another is borough-style, there are 16 rural settlements which create 79 villages. The average temperature is 12,1 C. Total annual sediment is 400-500mm. Wind speed is 2-4 m / sec. There are four rivers in the area: Algeti, Khrami, Debeda and Shulaveri.The landscape of Marneuli municipality is a unique ecosystem. There are different types of terrain: semi-desert, mixing forests or mountain regions - where winter lasts for 7-8 months.

There are some mineral resources also found in Marneuli - basalt, marble, white tuff stones, stone -road metal and gravel reserves of sheetrock.

The population of the municipality is 136, 000. 48% are male and 52% female.  83,1%of the population are Azerbaijanis, 8% Georgians,7,9% Armenians and 0.6% people are of other nationalities. This particular makeup is what creates the unique nature of this location. Although it is in Georgiam there are many different cultures, customs, and lanuages, but co-habitation and unity is evident, especially through the One Caucasus program.

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